For a transaction to be successful, there must be a strong connection established between the business and the customer. However, for one reason or another, most deals still end up with varying degrees of disconnect between the prospective customer and the sales agent. While they both aim to reach one end goal, they’re most likely to have different reasons why they engaged in the transaction, and this is where confusion first breeds.

When there is a mismatch of reasons between the customer and the salesperson, disconnection happens between them. However, it’s every sales person’s prerogative that they become conscious of this fact and learn to address it adequately — either by keeping it down as much as they can or ridding of it altogether. It should be yours, too.

If you’re aware of the possibility of disconnection between you and your customer, you can pave the way to bring the conversation between the two of you on the same page. This increases the likelihood that you can close that deal you’re aiming for.

Here are three ways you can solidify a connection between you and your customers and clinch those transactions effectively:

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Garret Norris

Garret is the founder and CEO of Business Coaches Sydney and through his company, remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real life business experience to meet his passion to see business succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client service.