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For more than 25 years the Business Coaches Sydney team have been delivering Sales, Marketing and Business Coaching and more. As a team of specialists, we tailor the right business solution.

Every BCS consultant brings a wealth of national and international expertise to his/her role. We have all run our own businesses (many still do) and consult to large corporations, including multi-billion dollar multi-nationals.

Brett Murray business coaches sydney

Brett Murray

Communication and Technology Specialist

Brett’s high achieving tenure in the Information Communication and Technology sector sees him bring to the Group a multitude of experience. This includes an enviable skill set in the development of high-performance team cultures, customer and partner centricity, channel strategy, product management, end to end customer lifecycle management, as well as forward and reverse supply chains and support. Brett’s authentic love of business, team, and transformation are his cornerstone motivators in achieving growth and aspirations.

During the last 12 years, as a Director at Microsoft Australia, Brett drove significant growth in an emerging division of the business. His much sought-after leadership involved driving results through team coaching and simplification of processes and interactions with channel partners. Brett’s contributions to the Microsoft business have left a global impression. His work is recognised in the international arena to this day with many current global programs and processes designed and implemented from Australia. In addition, with the recent increase in remote work, Brett has led many organisations through the process of moving to hybrid workstyles, using technology, space and culture to support successful adoption.

Prior to Microsoft, Brett held senior roles with Palm Inc, LG Australia and Telstra, leading sales, marketing and channel teams in Telecommunications and Hardware markets. 

Sarah El-Moselhi

Communications Specialist

Sarah El-Moselhi’s extensive background in communications and journalism has provided her with a strong track record in leading newsrooms, as well as the results-proven management and training of individuals and teams.

As a well-established communications specialist, Sarah’s skillsets are formulated from her experiences in both the frontline media playing field as well as in the hardline corporate domain.

She thrives on working within challenging environments, delivering quality input to support the HBB team, and is an integral part of the company’s rapid and continual growth.

Afra Abdeen

Business Growth Specialist

With near on a decade of experience working in business development, marketing and sustainability across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Afra has first-hand experience navigating the world of multinationals and start-ups.

Garret Norris

Founder & CEO

Garret is a highly effective business engineer who has a proven track record in working on businesses to improve

  • gross margin and revenue,
  • horizontal and vertical marketplace penetration,
  • pipeline development and management,
  • disciplined and strategic staff appointment, deployment, performance management and training.
Shaun Campbell

Shaun Campbell

Senior Commercial Strategist I Sales Leader, Coach and Mentor

With more than 25 years of experience in the gaming and consumer goods industries, Shaun is recognized as a strategic leader adept at driving commercial success and organizational growth. His career has been marked by a commitment to developing robust commercial strategies, executing them effectively across global markets, and developing and mentoring high performance Sales and Marketing teams.

Driven by a passion for innovation and excellence, Shaun continues to leverage his extensive experience to shape impactful commercial strategies, foster growth in dynamic industries, and mentor, coach and train teams. His dedication to aligning the organisation’s objectives with customer-centric outcomes remains at the core of his professional ethos.

Julian M Good

Sales and Marketing Strategist

Julian is a highly experienced and accomplished sales and marketing specialist. He has strong leadership mentoring skills and a sound record of success in sales, implementing marketing initiatives and key account management. Julian is one of HBB’s specialist in sales training and leadership motivation.

Julian loves a challenge and excel at roles and projects that have the potential for growth or are green field.

Businesses he has worked with describe him as highly competitive, energetic and enthusiastic; with the ability to grasp information quickly and work within fast paced environments.

Maud Vanhoutte

Effective Communication Specialist

Maud Vanhoutte is a soft skills specialist in communication, body language, and presentation skills, with a strong focus on leadership and management. She has 10+ years of experience in facilitating interactive and dynamic corporate training workshops across varying industries.

Her supreme approach comes with a unique pedagogy: interactive and dynamic! With the highest integrity, Maud provides authentic coaching and training from the heart, with passion and purpose. Empathic, intuitive and creative are some of her qualities. She works with an array of clients: corporates, non-profit organisations, individuals, job seekers, and community groups.

Aimee Kostrubic

Office Support

Aimee is the groups office support, with her strengths and capabilities covering all departments. With her extensive experience in people management and guidance, her capabilities to genuinely engage with clients and customers comes naturally.
She has a vast range of experience in objection handling and strengths in building relationships allowing her to overcome many obstacles. Aimee is renowned for connecting and building a strong report with clients through her effective communication and ability to understand people.
Aimee has always had a creative flare and pursued this passion through her studies at the Australian 
Institute of Creative Design. Her extensive experience in the retail industry has also provided her with exceptional customer service skills.
aimee kostrubic
Will hyde

Will Hyde

Junior Consultant

Will Hyde is an aspiring marketing graduate who is developing an all-around, versatile, and adaptable skillset in both Sales and Marketing. With a resolute commitment to learning, Will already exhibits strengths in Personal Selling, CRM, Digital Marketing and Developing marketing strategy.

In a me driven society, Will comes to the HBB Group with humility and passion, he says “I understands success in today’s business environment requires the modern marketer to often check their ego at the door and commit to learning and developing new skills in a constantly changing environment”.

Brendon Walker


Acknowledged by his clients and peers as a thought leader, Brendon is recognised for having a broad and exceptionally unique skill set that draws from his 15+ years’ experience in both sales and marketing. He excels at client service, relationship management, and creating customer experience strategies.

Driving direction from insight and business intelligence, Brendon also has solid experience in HR, finance, CRM and IT services, retail operations and business development.

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For more than 25 years the Business Coaches Sydney team have been delivering Sales, Marketing and Business Coaching and more. As a team of specialists, we tailor the right business solution.


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