Social media marketing strategy isn’t limited in just creating the perfect posts. Customers also have a voice and more often than not, they try to communicate through social media and handling each message throughout your networks is a complex task to do on your own.

Social Media Monitoring can benefit businesses in many ways. It’s the process of collecting data and messages from the Internet in a single stream, which you can further dig down and analyse so that you can deliver better customer service online and engage more audience with each post you publish.

Provide Better Customer Service

Customers expect to be heard. Whether it’s to give compliments, ask questions or just to complain – customers want a quick response. The modern technology and internet gave customers the ability to communicate with brands they like directly.

Social media is one of the leading channels brands choose to engage with customers. It’s a personal experience that lets customers know you care about them. Every customer interaction you have on social media is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate your customer service level and enrich your relationship with your customers.

When you have no way of tracking all of the different avenues your customers are trying to communicate through, you risk putting a bad taste in their mouth and losing their loyalty. Engage and improve the way customers perceive your company’s brand and business through social media monitoring.

Manage PR Crisis

Negative buzz is always possible in a growing business especially in the world wide web where everything can spread like a wildfire which can tarnish a brand’s reputation if not correctly handled.

Responding publicly to a customer’s complaint, concern, or problem and trying to resolve them as soon as they arise will be proof that your brand and company take your customers and their issues seriously. Consumers will see that the business cares about them, not just about making profits.

However, some problems are best resolved in private. When a customer is particularly angry or upset, responding back in a negative way, isn’t a recipe for success. It would be better to move the fine details of the conversation offline and ultimately resolve the issue.

No matter the response to customers, it would be better if you can sweep the bad press under the rug before it even has the chance to spread. There’s a good chance you won’t catch wind of the buzz until it’s gotten hard to contain on your own.

Social media monitoring will be great for keeping an eye on bad press and immediately finding solutions for them, limiting the effect it will have on your brand’s reputation.

Observe Your Competitors

Most small businesses use social media, so if you’re not using it, you’re not just missing out on social media interactions, but also fall behind the competition. You also have to be aware of your competitors’ tactics, activity, and customer engagement to gain valuable insights to help move your brand forward. Thankfully, social media monitoring is not just limited to just your brand.

You can avoid the same customer service pitfalls by monitoring your competition and learn what’s working and not working with their own fans. A customer openly voicing out their unresolved pain points would give you a strategic edge to win over some of their customers.

Influence Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing or WOMM is not a new concept. People have always talked about their experiences, emotions, needs and also products, services, and brands, providing businesses with a little free advertisement. They also tell three times as many people about positive service experiences compared to the general population.

The arrival of social media comes with the evolution of WOMM. Consumers are on different social media sites where countless people would find their reviews on your product or service. Ultimately, if you get the service right, consumers will be able to help your business grow. Monitoring any posts about your brand would allow you to steer the conversation about your business.

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