For as long as the internet has been in existence, social media has always been part of our lives. In this modern world of technology, social media platforms hold an incredible level of influence that even businesses would want to tap into.

As a majority of people are at least on one social site, these platforms are filled with potential customers and small business owners, especially, would definitely like to take their business to them. However, they wouldn’t always be successful.

Social media marketing isn’t a perfect science. Some strategies might work on some brands, while some might not. Still, many businesses make these common mistakes when approaching social media strategy and execution. So, before signing up to every social networking sites out there, here’s a list of some errors small businesses commonly make that you should avoid.

Spreading Themselves Too Thin

Some small businesses are motivated by creating multiple social networking sites because they want a widespread online presence. However, it’s the first mistake most small business owners make with their social media.

Building a social media presence isn’t as easy as setting up on every social media platforms on the internet. You can have an account or page on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other platform, but it wouldn’t matter if you’re not able to engage with people continually and share highly informative or thought provocative messages to stand out from the crowd.

Worrying about too many networks at the same time would affect the frequency of your posts as well as their quality. Instead of aiming for a vast presence, take the time and effort on one platform at a time and consolidate your presence before moving to the next social network.

Focusing Too Much on Self-Promotion

Any business promotion aims to generate leads or direct sales, so it’s only normal to let your followers know when important events such as product launches, special events, or new deals are going on. However, when you focus on sales too much, your followers might desert your business’ social media page.

This is another common mistake of a lot of small businesses makes on social media. They see the platform as a megaphone to shout out all of their accomplishments and latest offers so much that you’ll have to watch your campaign die a slow death on social media.

You should be mindful in what you are posting. The target audience on social media to have fun or build a network or watch and read content. Visitors would come back to your social media page if they are getting no value out of it.

The business must focus on giving them the content that they’re looking for on the internet rather than irrelevant content. The more you educate and enlighten as well as entertain others, the more likely they’ll be willing to pay attention when you do talk about yourself.

Not Committing Enough to Social Media

Many businesses would get excited about their new social media page before completely abandoning it for reasons such as not having much time to post regularly. However, if you don’t give your time for social media marketing always brings out the same set of issues.

It’s easy to become quickly irrelevant on social media, so if you don’t post fresh content regularly, your followers would eventually forget about your business and move to your competitor’s page. Also, this would create the wrong impression about your business and its values, so remember to include social media in your daily work routine. Set aside a few minutes of every day to work on it.

Not Responding to Or Deleting Negative Comments

Many companies forget that social media requires continuous engagement with their followers.

Many businesses wouldn’t pay attention to what their fans and followers say, especially if they’re saying something negative. However, this attitude would harm your business’ reputation. People would think that your company is above engaging with their audience which would drive away your fans and potential customers.

When someone reaches out with a comment, respond immediately to their feedback, whether if it’s positive or negative. This would make your customers feel like they’re special as well as build a nice brand image for your business.

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Garret Norris

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