Admittedly, dealing with an external agency can be a risk. But, just like any aspect of your business, risks can’t be avoided. Outsourcing your marketing can lead to more sales leads and business growth, but there are also a lot of things that could go wrong. In the end, it’s all about whether the pros outweigh the cons.

Pros of Outsourcing Marketing Activities

Teaming Up with a Set of Experts

Your business could benefit on outsourcing your marketing since agencies have a variety of experts possessing the necessary skill set in driving your campaigns.

Having a team of experts who have a keen eye and the experience to accomplish any and all tasks such as coming up with the effective digital marketing strategies to meet your key business goals, create creative and unique content, develop your websites and maximise your inbound lead generation, and ensure that everything produced is discoverable by potential customers.

Highly skilled specialists know how to implement tasks these tasks to generate higher sales, more leads and overall better results.

While many would argue that even small businesses can have high-end professionals to deal with their own marketing, but outsourcing to a marketing agency does not only mean having a highly efficient and skilled team of experts needed for your business.

Skilled experts in marketing agencies do not only possess skills in every aspect of the business but also experience that in-house marketers, especially in small companies may lack. They can engage in multiple disciplines that anyone in-house would struggle to do alone.

Furthermore, when you outsource your marketing, you can expect good content delivered promptly to retain business with you. They would also be strongly motivated to please their client and would work their best to provide high-quality marketing campaigns.

Save Resources

For a business, the most critical resources are time and money. A long-term outsourcing relationship with a marketing agency may be more effective for you than keeping a full-time team of employees.

This will provide you with the flexibility to pay only for what you need. You get the work done at a less costly and more efficient way. Spending more money to an agency who can deliver excellent results regarding new customers and revenue, may be worth more in the long run.

Reducing the number of employees would also decrease the need for other resources such as computers, software, as well as office tools and supplies necessary for their work since these firms already have their own.

Besides reducing costs, outsourcing your marketing can reduce the amount of time spent on developing marketing strategies and creating quality content that takes hours to finish.

Tasks such as writing, editing, graphic design, video production, as well as interacting with your social media followers takes considerable time on a daily basis. Small business owners especially need to focus more on what they offer as a product or service and leave marketing and similar tasks to people who are already experienced in it.

If an outsourced marketing agency handles these marketing activities on your behalf, you and your staff would be able to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.


In most circumstances, being passionate about your business is a good thing. You know the ins and outs of your company and the contributing factors that make it successful.

However, being too close to your company makes it difficult to see it objectively and see what needs to be done to continue to grow. You became too reliant with the tried and tested, so you get stuck doing the same old marketing techniques.

With trends and strategies changing constantly, it’s always helpful to have a new perspective on your business. External agencies almost always have a fresh new perspective to offer. Their lack of ties to your industry makes it easier for them to view it from an objective standpoint than the insiders.

The firm will be able to position your brand in such a way that your message will reach new customers while satisfying the expectations of your current customers. They’re also more likely to suggest constructive criticism.

Cons of Outsourcing Marketing Activities

Possible Risk of Hiring Incompetent Marketers

When you choose an external agency, you need to be absolutely certain that they’re the best people in that field.  It may be easy to find a marketing agency, but when you hire the wrong firm, you may risk hiring people who never meet deadlines or fail to deliver expectations.

If you ever hire the wrong firm, it may cost your business dearly, especially your brand’s reputation. Your reputation diminishes, all possible relationships with prospects would suffer. At worse, even the current relationships you have with existing clientele would crumble.

Rebuilding a proper brand reputation and reestablishing another client base would be costly and difficult. You can avoid all of this from happening by finding an agency that offers to do everything you want to be covered for a cost you can afford, and make sure that the team continues to keep in touch until you are happy with the results that they are delivering for you.

Loss of Control

When you don’t have any marketing experience, handing over control to a team of experts may be the best for your business’ marketing campaign. However, if you prefer to be in control of the details, then outsourcing your marketing might not be the best idea.

A possible drawback from hiring external marketers is giving up absolute creative control over the marketing content. While you always have the final say in the matters, the marketing firm is still in charge of the whole process.

It can be a scary concept to let an outsider take control of an entire department of your business. There’s always the fear of them messing up which results in your business failing.

However, most of the marketing experts of these firms are capable of doing their jobs correctly. It should be fine as long as the agency is consistent with their deliverables and the timetable.

Vulnerability to Breaches of Privacy

When you outsource a department of your business, the agency is going to have access to some information that you wouldn’t want released to the public.

Just like with hiring a new employee, you should do a background check with the marketing firm you plan on doing business with. When you learn that they’re honest and trustworthy, then there’s no need for any concerns towards privacy.

However, protecting your business shouldn’t end there. You can have the consultant sign a contract that would protect your business like a non-disclosure agreement.

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