In their pursuit to run their business in the exact way they want it to be, a lot of business owners fall prey to the mistake of being the all-around guy on their business i.e. being manager and supervisor of every single aspect of their company.

Every so often, small business owners unknowingly found themselves micromanaging their sales, human resources, marketing, and more, thus leaving them mentally and physically exhausted. But beyond this negative consequence, keeping your hands all over your business defeats the very purpose of establishing one: to make it work for you.

So, how can avoid committing this mistake?

Answer: Be the least important person in your business.

While this might sound counter-intuitive, being the least important person ensure that your business will remain successful after you leave your office for good. It also makes your business more “saleable”. Because if your business cannot function without your knowledge or skill, no one will surely buy it because it means firing the one who has the most important knowledge about the business.

To understand it better, check out this infographic as we discuss the rationale behind the concept of being the least important in your business today.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-249 size-full" src="" alt="" width="800" height="4500" />

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Garret Norris

Garret is the founder and CEO of Business Coaches Sydney and through his company, remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real life business experience to meet his passion to see business succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client service.