There’s only ONE THING that separates a business that thrives and a business that dies.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s not social media. (When someone files for bankruptcy, they aren’t claiming “I didn’t have enough Facebook fans” as their reason why).

It’s not connections. (Sure, a connection may open a door for you, but that same door can also be slammed in your face).

It’s not tactical or technological nonsense. (Tactics and technology that work today will not work tomorrow). And it’s definitely NOT “more bull!@#$.”

So what is it?

It’s the ability to generate MORE sales. Not just any sales, but profitable sales. Because, as billionaire investor Mark Cuban said, “sales cure all.”

Here’s why:

More sales means more money. And more money means, you can do what you love, help a tremendous amount of people, and make a comfortable living for yourself and your family.

The best part?

You can CONTINUE DOING IT. Many people have this mistaken view of sales, and that making more sales is inherently selfish. And I understand. I used to feel that way too. After all, more sales means you get to line your pockets. But the truth is, more sales allows you to do what you love… and STAY doing it.

And that’s the KEY.

If you’re in the business of helping people with products and/or services, the only way for you to STAY in business is by generating profitable sales. Because those sales will give you the reward you need to stay motivated. It will also give you the revenue you need to invest in your business to ensure you’re helping the most people to the absolute best of your abilities. I should know too. I routinely take the profits from Healthy Business Builder, and reinvest them. And what started out just helping the odd business here and there, is now a real company with size-able revenues, a team (of both employees and contractors), and more.

The BIG question is:

How can you start generating more sales TODAY?…Without becoming one of those pushy people that everyone hates?…Without manipulating people? Without selling, but instead, by making people genuinely interested in what you do?

I’m dubbing Q4 2016 “More Sales For Your Business quarter.” And I began on September 13th, where I shared some tips on how to generate more sales (without being salesy). I will run another event in November and share information I never shared before. There will be handouts and take aways and more.

More specifically, here’s what to expect:

You’ll see the shift that’s taken place, right under your nose, in how people sell . And how you can embrace it to start – and grow – your business to new heights.

You will also get invited to new and exclusive workshops, get access to the exact strategies you can start using to grow your business, and a whole lot more.

But if you feel like you’re already doing well enough in your business, and you don’t need to know how to make more sales, feel free to ignore this. No hard feelings.


Still here?




Just drop me a line and we can have a no obligation coffee. You will talk to a senior consultant NOT a sales guy.

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Garret Norris

Garret is the founder and CEO of Business Coaches Sydney and through his company, remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real life business experience to meet his passion to see business succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client service.